Financial Planning for The Individual

Financial planning is an integral ingredient to building wealth. It involves the use of a wide range of instruments and disciplines, including risk management, tax, retirement and estate planning, cash flow analysis, debt reduction and management, asset allocation,  and many others.

 It is used  to maximize income, preserve wealth and distribute wealth and income throughout a taxpayer's lifetime.

Since every major life change has a tax consequence, the proper planning of one's affairs is an on-going process. The tax payer is well advised to surround herself with competent professional advisors

Most expenses are paid with after tax dollars; so how we spend our pay cheques is crucial to our wealth creation and building strategies. How are we investing our dollars. Is it consumed in paying debt or liabilities or is it buying assets for growth? How vulnerable are we to changes in the economy?, What is my net worth? How are we going to pay for our children's education?

The solutions are always simple, but not always easily implemented.Tax efficient investing and wealth creation requires knowledge,discipline,patience and the power of leverage.

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Tax Planning

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