Getting Ready for Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Checklist

Are You prepared? The single most critical step in getting ready to file the tax return, is the collection and accumulation of all the proper and relevant documentation. Hundreds of dollars are lost each year by taxpayers through the omission of relevant documents.

The Canadian system is a self-assessment system in which the tax payers are responsible for declaring their income from all sources and any deductions and credits to which they may be entitled.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that proper documentation be maintained and that all claims can be substantiated. Below is a checklist of the more common items and the information required.

Tax Documentation Checklist


Type of Income

Documents, Information

Employment T4, T4a
Self-employment T4A, Financial Statements
Business Receipts, Financial Statements
Investment T3, T5, T5013
Employment benefits T4E
Company Pension T4A
Old Age pension T4A(OAS)
Canada pension T4A(P)
Social Assistance T5007
Rental Income Receipts
Child benefits RC62


RRSP Receipts
Employment expenses T2200
Professional and Union Dues Receipts
Interest charges on Investment loans Receipts or traceable records
Child Care expenses Receipts


Tuition Receipts, T2202A
Medical Receipts
Dependents Receipts, Fitness amount
Charitable Donations Receipts
Disability certificate Disability

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In order to properly prepare yourself to manage your taxes, it is of the utmost importance that you know where you are now. What is your situation as we speak?. If you don't know, wouldn't you want to find out NOW rather than later?.

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