Income Tax Preparation Services



T1 Tax Preparation services for individuals and for small business owners

Bookkeeping services

Sole proprietors, incorporated individuals,network marketers

T2 Tax Preparation services including financial statements

GST & PST remittances

T1 Adjustments and Filing past due returns

Convenient Home or office pickup and delivery

Electronic Filing

CRA consultations

Debt elimination and Reduction Strategies

Secure transfer of documents

Specializing in home-based businesses, past due returns,

Tax analysis and planning

Tax education and financial literacy

By helping our clients throughout the year with timely advice on income tax preparation and accounting issues, we also see to it that our clients are in compliance with the relevant tax laws and that their remittances are made in a timely manner.


Fast, professional and reliable service

Flexibility to suit clients’ schedule

Knowledge of tax system

Accurate and professionally prepared income tax returns

Opportunity to save on your taxes

Year round consultation at no additional cost

For an appointment please call me at: (416) 640-1818 or email at


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Tax preparation services play an integral role in tax planning and financial planning matters.

In reality most taxpayers don't really think about taxes until year end and then their focus is only on the bottom line. Will I have to pay? Will I get a refund? How much?

Tax Checklist

The Individual Taxpayer

Business Taxpayer


If you currently have any overdue returns you should file them as soon as possible. Voluntary disclosure will allow you to file delinquent returns without incurring penalties. However you must file before the CRA contacts you. Otherwise all bets are off.

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