Resources for the Network Marketer and MLM Recruiting tools


Resources for the Network Marketer and MLM Recruiting tools.

  • Tax Deductions for The Network Marketer. Take advantage of all the legal tax deductions that your business accrues. Remember to keep good records.

  • Success in 10 Steps. Learn how to generate a stream of interested,qualified prospects effortlessly.Reduce cold calling and hitting on friends and family. Choose only those with whom you wish to work.

  • Building your Network on a Budget. Learn how to build a large organization even if you don't have a large budget

  • Magnetic Sponsoring. Attract and retain good quality distributors in your downline and develop multiple streams of income in doing so.

  • Tax software for the Network Marketer. Ideal for the Power Players who want to avoid the hassle of preparing their tax return but understand the importance of keeping track of all their expenses. Professional software saves time and money. Keep your tax savings out of the Hands of the tax man.

  • 7 Networking Traps to Avoid. Learn how to recognise 7 deadly traps which can hurt your business. Recruit with confidence knowing you are choosing from an army of motivated distributors.Prospects pay you even if they don't join your organization

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