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"Birds of a feather flock together" The same is true of people who want to save taxes ...

Yet how many ordinary taxpayers know where to find this information?. Do you?

Well this is what this opportunity can do for you. It levels the playing field.

 Dear Friend and Fellow Canadian Taxpayer,

Consider this:

Mr. Jones files his income tax return according to the book. He doesn't take a single questionable deduction. He doesn't skirt any edges. he has a conservative accountant who takes no chances on the tax return.

Jones gets audited and winds up paying a penalty.

Mr. Bailey deducts the cost of this children's education. He deducts the cost of maintaining a mini office in his home. He deducts his car expenses and part of his meals. His income is parallel to Jones, but he pays hundreds and even thousands of dollars less tax.

Bailey not only doesn't get audited. If he did, he still wouldn't pay another cent.

The Difference Between Jones and Bailey

If you were a Canada Revenue special agent you wouldn't bat an eye at this story. You'd have seen it dozens of times.

The fact is: A handful of Canadian taxpayers know how to beat CRA at its own game. They won't be bullied and the CRA knows it.

Every decision, every move is 100% legal, backed by precedent. The CRA knows enough to leave these people alone and bother somebody else.

I'm sure you know from the advice you get: One "expert" contradicts the other. You hear this ,you hear that. You don't know what to believe. You don't know what is a safe deduction and what isn't. Even the most astute accountant and tax advisor is sometimes bewildered by the amount of tax laws, regulations, exceptions, exclusions, traps and loopholes.

I propose in one quick step to show you how to save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on your income tax this year. I propose to empower you through our exclusive tax information plans.

I propose, in short, to line you up with the Baileys instead of the Joneses.

And oh yes: I propose to give you your own personal subscription to the Canadian Money Saver ... a privately printed magazine whose $26.00 price tag can't begin to reflect the money it will save you.

Let me tell you what I have in Mind

Do you know the Answers?

 Do you know the answers to any of these questions?

For that matter, does your accountant or tax advisor know the answer to even half of them?

 Question: Why doesn't it pay to divert some of your income so it is paid in your child's name?

Question: How can you wind up with a bigger pay cheque without asking for a raise.?

Question: When is the best time to incorporate?

Question: How can spending a few hundred dollars to set up a corporation save you thousands of dollars every year from now on?

Question: How can you decrease your taxes while paying down your mortgage?

Question: How can you bolster your Canada Pension Plan after age 65

Question: How can you withdraw your RRSP funds without incurring severe tax consequences

Question: If you get billed for a CRA penalty, what's the best way to get the penalty reduced or abated?

Question:How do you tell the difference between a legitimate charitable donation and a "scam"?

 Ask some accountants or tax preparers these questions and you'll get hems and haws and a whole lot of "that depends" Oh and you might even get billed for it.

 Here's how you can get the answers. Here's how you can see for yourself how and where you have been innocently been paying too much taxes.

One thing our clients all have in common is that they are determined to pay only what they are legally required to pay and no more ... they are determined to learn techniques and strategies that reduce their taxes each and every year ... they are determined to beat the CRA at its own game and still remain in its good graces.

The results: Savings of hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars each year.

That's because one of my key purposes is to educate and inform.

"I not only prepare your taxes for you, I prepare you for your Taxes"

I am here to tell you what's going on ... which deductions and procedures are safe and which one's aren't ... areas CRA probably will attack next ... how to establish a good defence for a deduction you might have thought couldn't be allowed.

I invite you to join this privileged group

I invite you to take a look at our extraordinary tax packages.   Read on ... Even better! I invite you to get this astonishingly, valuable, useful tax money-saving opportunity at a tremendous discount.

Here are just some of the benefits of a Bailey's Tax Services tax package .

·        Bailey's Tax Quarterly, a handy news letter full of tax saving tips and updates of the latest tax changes.

·        Free consultations throughout the year

·        Personal and Business Tax Analyses

·        Personal income tax return preparation for you and your spouse/partner

·        Personal income tax preparation for relatives, clients and friends

·        Business income tax preparation

·        Book keeping and accounting services

·        GST/HST preparation and filing

·        Consultations with Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf


That isn't all

You also receive FIVE Big EXTRAS

These extras will prove to you I want you to enjoy the benefits of tax savings. They'll also prove to you I'm confident  you'll benefit from taking advantage of this special opportunity

 Extra Number 1:

Bailey Tax Return Secrets

This hard hitting book provides you with 27 tax saving strategies. That’s 27 proven strategies to keep the tax man out of your pocket, once and for all.The established price of the Baileys Tax Return Secret is $57.00. That's a real bargain for the solid pages of money saving facts. But you don't pay even that. Your special price is free, that's zero dollars, just for taking advantage of one of our tax packages. And you don't risk a dime.

Extra Number 2:

An annual subscription to the Canadian Money Saver. This subscription sells for $26.00 ( This is the actual value)

Extra Number 3:

You'll get as our third Free gift to you, just for taking advantage ."How to Get Rich without winning the Lottery" This easily read book outlines simple methods to get rich, retire wealthy and have the time of your life.

Extra Number 4:

Special bonus CD "Success Secrets they don't want you to Know"

Extra Number 5:

"What's in it for Me?"

You're a sophisticated taxpayer or you wouldn't be on the special list of individuals to whom I'm extending this  invitation. It wouldn't surprise me if you say I know you know all these loopholes because you are in the business. But specifically What's in it for me?

I'll tell you what's in it for you.

If you get even one useful tip ... if you get even one tax savings ... if you geteven one pointer alerting you to decisions affecting your taxes ... your tax package will pay for itself  many, many  times over.

The reason I'm so confident is these techniques are proven and have been for years.

What if you could save $2000 this year?

Bailey's Tax Services doesn't deal in theory. I deal in the hard-boiled world of facts.

"What if "...questions don't mean much when we're dealing about the specifics of tax law. But just for argument's sake I'll use "what if " for an example

What if you could save $2000 to $10000 this year? I'm not saying you will. But I positively am saying that some taxpayers have done just that, armed with the hard-boiled money saving facts contained in the Bailey's Tax Return Secrets

The difference is:  We give you aggressive information, not passive information. Please, please let me explain the difference:

Your accountant or bookkeeper-advisor (if he or she is like 99.4% of the accountants who have business or professional executives as clients) tells you, " We can't do this," or "We're taking a chance if we deduct that." The attitude is one of reaction, not action.

Time after time, my clients have come to better understand the intricacies of tax law which some tax preparers don't even know. It isn't surprising. This, after all is why Bailey's Tax Services exists. I am in the "tax marketplace" all day, every day. I live and breathe taxes. I comb the Income Tax Act, court rulings, finding an opening here a shelter there.

Sure these openings and shelters have been the quiet private domain of big companies and multimillionaires. They're the ones who may have been instrumental in getting the openings and shelters squeezed into the tax laws in the first place. But why should they be the only ones to profit from perfectly legal deductions?

You Want Plain English, Not Gobbledygook

I know you've seen and been mystified by some of the tax writings out there. I can name several separate digests, newsletter and limited circulation tax publications I frequently scan. Just one of these costs FAR more than any of our tax packages.  

Many of these articles are written on a professional level. They're written by academics who don't really care if the person reading their words saves money or not. They're showing off their massive vocabularies in print.

They analyze. Raw analysis isn't helpful;. Telling you what to do based on the analysis ... that's what's helpful.

Suppose you decide to subscribe to the many financial and tax periodicals and magazines..the Investor's Digest… Money Sense, Globe and Mail, executive tax report...the CPA Digest and some of the others financial publications? Would you get the benefits you get from our memberships?

Consider this, then decide for yourself:

First of all you'd have to wade through a lot of technical jargon to get at the meat. They're published for profit, and sometimes only an expert can sift through their strategies, anticipating which are prudent and which are dangerous.

Second, you'd pay hundreds of dollars each month instead of your special preferred price.

When you receive your copy of The Baileys Tax Return Secrets, read it through. Make any notes you think will be valuable. Then decide. If after you decide this is not for you ... if you don't think it will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars you'd otherwise pour down the drain in taxes you don't have to pay, just tell me so. I'll gladly refund your money 100%, and that will be the end of the matter.

Bailey's Tax Return Secrets is written in plain English. I don't have to show off for anybody. What filters down to you is the cream ... pure, usable fact in language that you can easily understand ... My function is to inform, to help, to report.


A Sampler of What You'll find

I can't predict what nuggets of tax saving gold you'll see in the pages of Bailey's Tax Return Secrets during the next year. Decisions and changes are flying through the air not just every month but every day

That in fact, is part of the value you get. Your information isn't stale. its current.

Anyway, here are some of the hard facts on tax saving opportunities you'll see when you purchase this book.

--- You'll have hard facts on how to withdraw funds from your RRSP's without the dire tax consequences.

... You'll have hard facts on the advantages and disadvantages of Retirement plans

... You'll have hard facts on ways to get tax free money out of a corporation.

... You'll have hard facts on employment expenses.

... you'll have hard facts on how to safely deduct foreign travel you may have thought wasn't deductible

... You'll have hard facts on how to maximize your deduction for car expenses.

... You'd have hard facts on tax avoidance planning

Your FREE Subscription ... Just for Taking a Look

Here's solid proof we want you to take advantage of any of theses tax packages.

As part of each tax package with  Bailey's Tax Services, I'll also send you, as my gift of appreciation, your personal subscription to the  "Canadian Money Saver"

Please understand: This is no ordinary subscription.

Established in 1981,The Canadian Money Saver is an acclaimed investment advisory with a recognized reputation for providing a trustworthy and down to earth service. You'll wear the pages thin using the hundreds of tips and money savers in this extraordinary magazine. You'll find out how to:

        *  Get the highest incentives for RRSP, RRIF, annuities and pensions...

        *  Boost profits with the best term deposits, GIC's, bonds and income trusts

        *  Slash insurance premiums significantly

        *  Buy , sell and manage real estate profitably

        *  Keep more of your money through retirement and estate planning strategies

        *  Save money on travel bargains and consumer purchases

            *    Maximize gains on dividend stocks, mutual funds and international investments

That's what "Canadian Money Saver" is all about ---saving money. Sometimes really BIG money.

And the best part of all this is you start off by saving money, because instead of paying $26.00 for "Canadian Money Saver", you get it free.

All this is Yours, At absolutely NO Risk

When I say "free" I mean free. Suppose you take one of my tax packages  You don't like it. You cancel and you owe nothing more. "The Bailey's Tax Return Secrets", "Canadian Money Saver" and all the freebies are yours to keep. No Strings.

I meant it when I said I want you to have these savings. Chances are, if you ask your next-door neighbor whether he got this same invitation from me he'll say no.

So you have a choice. You can as so many millions of tax payers do---ignore my invitation and probably pay tens of thousands of dollars in extra taxes over the next few years.

Or you can take me up on my offer. You can see why Bailey's Tax Services has earned the heavy respect of its clients throughout Canada.

And the best part of all this is: You can get the facts and make your decision without risking a single cent. If you do not save more taxes than the cost of the package, any time you feel this package is not for you, although I doubt that very much, tell me so and I'll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.

But if you do see how your investment, at the special preferred prices, can save you hundreds of times its low cost, then you'll be way, way ahead of most Canadians. Either way, Bailey's Tax Return Secrets ,"Canadian Money Saver" and all the freebies are yours absolutely free, with no strings. What could be fairer than that?

I hope you'll agree with my logic and take advantage of this opportunity. It may not come your way again.

But that’s not all. If you act now you can take advantage of our ridiculously low introductory prices. I cannot guarantee how long these prices will remain this low

We offer 3 different tax packages, all guaranteed to save you taxes. Choose the Tax package which is right for you now. Saving taxes has never been easier.

Bailey’s Tax Services Tax Packages


Basic- Gold


Business- Diamond

Tax News Letter ($47)

Tax Analysis ($97)

Tax Analysis ($97

Two free consultations ($70)

Personal tax return for individual /Spouse ($130)

Personal tax return for individual /Spouse ($130)

Subscription to Canadian Money Saver ($26)

Personal income tax returns  for up to 3 friends or relatives ($195)

Personal income tax returns  for up to 10 clients, friends or relatives ($650)

Bailey's Tax Return Secrets ($57)

Consultations with CRA on your behalf ($70)

Consultations with CRA on your behalf ($70+)

How to get rich without winning the lottery

Tax News Letter ($47)

Business tax returns ($150+)

Special Bonus CD

Five  free consultations ($175)

Accounting and bookkeeping  services ($840)


Subscription to Canadian Money Saver ($26)

Year round unlimited consultations


Bailey's Tax Return Secrets ($57)

Tax News Letter ($47)


How to get rich without winning the lottery

Subscription to Canadian Money Saver ($26)


Special Bonus CD

Bailey's Tax Return Secrets ($57)



How to get rich without winning the lottery



Special Bonus CD

Total cost : $200

Total cost : $797

Total cost : $2167

Introductory Price: $ 57

Introductory Price: $ 397

Introductory Price: $ 1497





Benefits of A Tax package