Unfranchise Business Development System


The Unfranchise Development system is a legitimate retail business which uses a vertical marketing organizational structure to distribute its products while producing an ongoing passive income through its network of independent distributors or Unfranchise owners.

Today, we have a very serious time poverty problem and most of us are caught up in it or have been caught up in it, in one way or the other. How do you spend your day? A typical day can be broken down 8 hours sleep, 8 hrs work, 2hrs travel to work, 1hr preparation for work, 5hrs for housework, homework and recreation.

Do you find yourself struggling to find the hours to do the things you really enjoy doing? "So how was your weekend?" Too short!!! Are your weekends always too short? Are you suffering from a time poverty problem?

How is your social life? How many hours are you spending with your family and friends? How long are you just all alone? Wanting to go somewhere, but not having enough resources, wanting to go somewhere but not enough money? When was the last time you took a 3 week vacation? If you feel that you can't complete the things you want to complete. Then you should know this:

 You are not alone, believe me, you are not alone.

Check this out.....Three quarters of the wealthiest people in the world utilize a business as a way of earning income in a tax advantageous way in as little time as possible. This way they leverage both time and money. They have time to do the things they enjoy and the money to do it.

Most people depend on income from employment and spend almost 70% of their waking time on work or work related activities, paid or unpaid. This can be a serious impediment to wealth creation while robbing you of time spent being more productive,

Employees have little or no leverage  because the only way that they can increase their income is to increase their hours of work or increase their current wage or both. Neither of these options are under their control or controlled by them. This is how most people end up trading more of their time for money or moving to different departments or companies to get a higher pay.

Do you feel overworked and underpaid? How safe is your current job? Marketing your skills through a business is better than through employment

The Unfranchise business opportunity was created by Market America whose mission is to provide a system for  entrepreneurs to create ongoing, passive income, while providing  customers worldwide with a better way to shop.

This system is similar to a franchise in many respects, in that it follows a standardized, uniform, duplicatable system. Unlike a franchise, however it does not carry the high franchise fees nor the ongoing royalty fees nor territorial restrictions. Hence the name Unfranchise.

 This is a product brokerage company which uses one to one marketing to get their products to the consumer. This system utilizes components of several marketing trends including direct sales, franchising, network marketing, catalogues, E-commerce and internet marketing.

The company does not manufacture any products but engages the services of others to produce exclusive customizable products and through partnerships with other stores is able to offer more than 30 million different products.

There product lines are involved in multi-billion dollar industries and include Health and Wellness, small business marketing solutions, weight management programs, skincare, anti-aging, cosmetics, financial services, celebrity fashion and clothing.

Products are distributed by a network of independent unfranchise business owners who develop and manage a small portfolio of preferred clients as their customer manager. A customer manager teaches his clients about the benefits of the products while maintaining a dialogue in order to lead the customer to the products they want and match products to the customer.

 Unfranchise Business owners earn income from retail profits from their clients and by commissions generated through a Management Performance Compensation Plan, based on the business volume generated by their business.

The unfranchise plan has evolved over the past 16 years,is realistic and can be very lucrative for those who are willing to put in the needed effort.

The Unfanchise System is made up of four components

  1. Product Brokerage
  2. Internet marketing and Support
  3. One-to-one Marketing
  4. Training and support

This is not a Multi-level marketing opportunity nor a get rich quick scheme.

This is a legitimate business with all the tax advantages of a business. It will require patience ,discipline and hard work to ensure the business is set up correctly and operated to maximize profits and minimizing taxes.

When fully implemented the business is largely automated by showing the clients how to save time and money by shopping online.

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We offer time richness instead of time poverty.

The secret to wealth creation is in time management and the value you place on the time you manage. Is your current income high enough to allow you to pay your bills? Do you need a part time job to get by? How much more hours do you need to get by? Do you need an ongoing income?

Where does the time come from to increase income? Seriously where does it come from? Sadly, when you increase the work hours it's usually at the expense of other things, because you only have so many hours in a day. Sleep time, recreation time, family time, the environment, all suffer in varying degrees when work hours increase.

But at the end of the day it boils down to "Is it worth it "?

Is starting a business really for me? What will be my ROI?. Will the time and money that I invest now in a business move me closer to my goals? Do I or Will I have time to do the things that are really important to me?

"Time is Money". Leverage your time and you leverage your money, if the time is wisely spent. Leverage your time by leveraging the time of others. This is an excellent way to multiply your efforts and increase your wealth. Money needs time to accumulate and grow in order to create wealth or ongoing income.

 Do you want more time to travel if you could? Are you able to spend time with friends and family during times of their greatest needs. Are you too tired to cook dinner or read to the children? Do you want more time to relax and rest?

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Understanding The Unfranchise System

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